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Boosting Site Traffic

More consumers are researching products and services online before buying. As a matter of fact, the consumers who have bought a product recently, up to 82% of them researched the products and services using primarily digital tools before buying*. We called them the "digital researchers". You want to get your digital presence ready and exposed so that your audience can find you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The search engines utilize a rather complex algorithm to determine the order or rank of results for the keyword query. SEO is a process of adjusting your digital presence in order to gain better ranking in the natural search results. The higher your pages ranked, the more likely that the "digital researchers" will click to visit.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is often time known as "paid search results". It gives you even more control, flexibility and is highly measureable. There is no cost to appear in the paid search results. You only pay when the user clicks on your ad or sponsored link and is taken to your digital presence. Often time this is substantially more cost effective than traditional cold-calling or door-to-door tactics. We can help you establish the overall search and sales conversion objectives and budgets, define and deploy the keywords and ad copies to the major search engines, and eventually track and optimize your SEM operation.

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*Forrester Research Inc.: North American Technographics Consumer Deep Dive: Investigating The Customer Life Cycle (Buy Phase) Survey, Q1 2012 (US).