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Content Management Systems (CMS)

Whether your digital presence has 10 pages or more than 1,000 pages or whether your current technology is JAVA, ASP.NET, PHP or plain HTML, we have the right CMS solutions for you.

We have more than ten years of experience in enterprise content management as well as open-source and custom solutions. We specialize in platform-agnostic solutions like OpenText RedDot® Web CMS, and PHP-centric solutions like Joomla!® and Typo3®.

Multilingual Web Content

Is your business going global, more specifically China? With more than 513 million or 22% of the world Internet users, China has the largest number of Internet users in the world -- more than doubled the users in the United States. Forget about the translation software that give you completely out-of-context and grammatically incorrect translations.

Our native Chinese-speaking translators can quickly and accurately translate your message into context-relevant Chinese that jives with the locals. Simply send us the message your want to translate in a Word Document, we will give you a quote within 12-24 hours. Most of our translations are done within 24 hours.

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RedDot is a registered trademark of OpenText Corporation. Joomla! is a registered trademark of Open Source Matters, Inc. Typo3 is a registered trademark of TYPO3 Association.